Friday, November 13, 2009

1 Million Dollars

/ If you won 1 million dollars what is the first 3 things you would spend it on? Why?


I would first buy al t he brand named clothing I ever wanted. I would get the iPhone for all my

friends and family members because I love them and their always there for me. I would buy a

bunch of new equipment for the school gymnasium, because our school needs "new of

everything" and I wanna buy all the equipment the gym needs. That's what I would do if I won

1 million dollars.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Long Gonee. ):

August McKenzie- Why did you have to leave? We told you the ice wasn't ready but you still left.

Alvina Janvier- I wish I got to you. I know you would've been a great aunty. How old were you?

Timothy Janvier- I know she didn't mean to do it. Why didn't you leave her earlier? You still would've been here.

Marcelline Montgrand- iloveyou. Hama what do you did before you left?

Michael Jackson- Did you invent the moon walk?

Bob Marley- What was your favourite color?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

La Loche YTC Gang Prevention Forum

There was a Gang & Suicide Prevention Forum that was happening at the the school. The YTC
had set up the whole thing for the youth of La Loche. Than in the evening they had a
performance by Joey Stylez.

The entire day was amazing to me even though I never watched the whole Forum but the little I
was there, was amazing. The performance was AWESOME as well. I never thought someone that famous would come to a town as little as La Loche.

It was important to the community because, people learned more about what was and is
happening to the community.